Katzden Architec

Support for bicycle racks

Llatina is a support for bicycle racks and parking for the Japanese company Katzden Architec CO. LTD. Made from cast iron, this bicycle support is meant to be used in the most representative and distinguished urban settings in Japan.

It can fit all different wheel sizes thanks to its V-shape.


We were looking to design a product in contact with people and the environment that would adapt perfectly to the space it was designed for. In its interior, inspired by the Llatinas sails of the Valencian Albufera, a design has been created that optimizes the use of the material and improves the attachment and fastening of the bicycle. Its side view features a large hole that is integrated into the shape, allowing for the use of safety locks. This product is 100% recyclable, highly durable, weighs very little, can be installed easily and is available in three colors.