Noom stool

Fusion between tailoring and 3D technology

Noom is conceived as a link. A connection between different spaces, wether they are designed for work, waiting areas or restaurants. The limits between spaces are softening. Hotels are being used often as a professional environment whereas work spaces foster well-being. Produced by Actiu.

The Noom collection brings together the best of both worlds. And its design, with is singular folded silhouette, adapts itself to the specific requirements of a stool. It is an ergonomic and versatile piece that looks after the user’s back and posture.

Its visual and structural lightness, together with its comfort and its kind aesthetic, opens the door to any door.

The fusion between tailoring and 3D technology that defines this design has been recognized with a 2019 European Product Design Award.

Recipient of a 2019 European Product Design Award and a 2019 FX International Interior Design Award.