Snake Kids Loftly & Deco Twist/Bubble

Rest, play and enjoy

  • Product Snake Kids Loftly & Deco Twist/Bubble
  • Client Katzden Architec
  • Sector Childcare
  • Services Product Design

Functionality, simplicity and fun. These are the qualities that the ladder models designed by AlegreDesign bring together for the Japenese company Katzden Architec.

Snake KidsLoftly, for daily use in many Japanese households, give children access to the lofts, where they rest, play and enjoy.

The high density of Japenese cities makes families forces families to make the most of the available space of their houses, including the higher parts where kids are aren’t taken into account.

Spacing module

The need to create a home health and leisure space for the youngest, where families can spend time and have fun together motivated the creation of Deco Twist and Deco Bubble. These are two decorative products whose function is to create a playground in the youngest ones’ rooms, helping them to develop their psychomotor activity through playing.

Ideal for the whole family to play with and developed following the highest safety standards of an effective design, Alegre Design developed these two products based on their experience in creating products and furniture native to this environment.

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