House for cats, integrated within the family home

  • Product Neconoma
  • Client Katzden Architec
  • Sector Living
  • Services Product Design

In Japan, cats are members of the family, and they are gaining increasing relevance within the home. A product design for Katzden Architec.


NeconoMa is our latest creation intended for the Japanese market: and it consists precisely of a house for cats, integrated within the family home. It’s formed by different modules that shape small houses, aims to favour the quality time that people spend with their cats, offering cats their own space within the home. This structure takes advantage of the height of the walls, to which it is fixed organically, thus favouring the dynamic play and physical activity of pets.

Spacing module


With this in mind, and to favour feline wellbeing, NeconoMa opts for the interposition of levels and the combination of materials, textures and feels with a variety of surface finishes combining raffia, wood, metal and cork.

Spacing module


Recreating in its silhouette the graphic icon of a house, this feline home combines green and blue with the natural tones of wood. NeconoMa provides pets with space to live with their owners and to play, but also to rest and to enjoy moments of privacy. A product designed especially for cats, that integrates perfectly in the home and allows them to rest and play.

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