More space, more knowledge


KLC is a multi-purpose and versatile educational chair design, designed by Alegre Design for OMP Group and able to adapt to any space, thanks to its high level of customisation. A cross-sectional product based on a sculptural and subtle seat: a gentle and minimalist sitting experience, with no sharp edges or curves, defined by lines and gestures that suggest shapes and welcome the user in an ergonomic and smooth way.

An open space in the lower area facilitates order, comfort and the usability of this product.

An avant-garde design which, thanks to its new plastic base and its two supports, is easily opened and accessible from different angles. In addition, its swivel base and its complements facilitate both writing and the use of electronic devices.

Its educational model continues to evolve with a new design that opens its inner area to allow you to store and keep all sorts of learning materials and personal effects.