Washing Center

Evolution of style lines that anticipate future needs

We have worked together with Istobal combining Business Design, Design Research y Product Design methodologies that have led to and industrial, aesthetic and strategic proposal that foresees three time escenarios: short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Now more than ever, the user is and must be the center of everything when it comes to products, services and experiences. This premise is true for every sector and every industry, and it is the baseline of our new approach Agile Design. This new approach has also been the starting point of Istobal’s latest work. Istobal is the Spanish leading multinational company in design, manufacturing and commercialization of vehicle care and washing solutions, with whom we have collaborated in the definition of the style lines of their present and future wash stations.

Our comprehensive experience in Design Research has allowed us to explore Istobal’s scope of activity, thus combining it with our knowledge of technology and today’s user experience automotive trends.

Factors such as automation, sensor implementation and energy efficiency have been crucial to define the style lines of washing centers, which are anticipating future demands. We have studied the interaction between the user and these spaces, the evolution of people’s habits, process automation, data transmission management, overall security and also the experience related to the process of washing a vehicle.

All these inputs have helped lay the foundations to define, through Agile Design, how these environmental and technological advances should be incorporated to, above all, enhance the user’s experience while improving their wellbeing in their day-to-day.

Thus making vehicle washing simpler, more effective and more user-friendly. And, at the same time, making the employee’s work at these facilities safe and comfortable throughout the day.

In this project, which started back in 2018, we have worked hand in hand with Istobal to meet all the needs of washing centers, conceived as global spaces for the integral care of all kinds of vehicles.

We share with Istobal our commitment to anticipate the future needs of users through products and services that are able to adapt to the changes that each moment requires. And Agile Design is the tool that is able to verify our work in a value proposal for the company and for those who trust its services.