New standard in the public hygiene sector

  • Product Evo
  • Client Nofer
  • Sector Bathroom & Kitchen
  • Services Product Design

Designing products involves much more than just defining their look. We have a comprehensive concept of design, which is a tool that makes products respond to specific uses, although it also becomes a distinguishing factor for a company.


With EVO, we have given added value to the Spanish firm Nofer, which is a benchmark in bathroom equipment and hospital facilities, by creating a complete line of public hygiene products that, with their own distinct designs, contribute to establishing the brand’s identity.

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It is a line of products for daily use that ranges from hand dryers to soap and paper towel dispensers and industrial toilet roll holders in black and white finishes, in shiny or silk finish stainless steel.

Each of the products has a distinguishing feature incorporated, three dots, which is the DNA of the brand and from now on it will become part of its history and its future. These three dots have therefore become the emblem of the brand and they will be incorporated onto all the Nofer products as a differentiating element of its identity.

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As well as redefining the brand’s product identity, EVO sets a new standard in the public hygiene product market, which it gives its geometric -in two stages- and innovative design to.

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