Infinite possibilities

Zero is a modular space management system that does not require any tools for assembly and that offers endless possibilities in terms of structures and elements. Its flexibility allows it to furnish any space, whether domestic, professional or commercial.


Using a new technology for attaching hardware to a vertical profile made by the company Emuca, Alegre Design has integrated the technical solution into its design and the mechanism that allows this technology to be incorporated into the system’s profiles to create Zero.

With a simple gesture of the hand, the support mechanism can be moved along the profile and is automatically locked into place when weight is placed on top of it. What’s more, it is locked into place with even greater strength as the weight placed on it increases.

Alegre Design has been in charge of integrating the mechanism into the design, the supports, the profile and all Zero´s accessories, which creates three-dimensional structures with aluminum profiles.


This new technical solution, which supports modules, shelves and hanging bars, makes it a scalable product, capable of responding to the needs of a domestic environment; from the living room to the bedroom, including the bathroom, as well as commercial establishments and work spaces, as a support and storage tool for everyday activity.

Zero is based off a new philosophy for the creation of hardware parts for furniture: the need to use tools is eliminated thanks to the value provided by its industrial design and engineering.


Zero is designed to make life easier for people, giving them all the elements they need and a simple assembly process so that they themselves can install and mount the system according to their space and needs, without any tools or specialized technicians.

Zero is thus a very approachable solution for people, as it simplifies the purchasing and installation processes and embodies the ubiquitous Do It Yourself (DIY) spirit. Its abundance of options and accessories, based on the same system, allows Zero to create a custom-made solution for each person. It can even be adapted to glass and wooden shelves, hanging bars, modules and small wardrobes.