Locking Chair

Customizable chair

Locking Chair has been designed to be lightweight, detachable and, most importantly, customizable. Its design springs from the need for long distance in a small package to the customer’s address, where they placed their online order just hours before. The customer, when they placed their order, previously chose the model, color and finishes of their chair.

That is Locking Chair, the new product by Alegre Design for Inyard, a British-Chinese enterprise aiming to change the global furniture distribution and retail networks.  This posed a double challenge for Alegre design: firstly, it had to be designed so it could be shipped in the smallest package possible. Secondly, they had to create a design based on the assembly of its parts allowing, with time, to expand the reference line and create a product with hundreds of possible options, finishes and colors, aiming to provide the customer with the most customizable product possible.

Therefore, with this design they aim to exponentially increase the offer of options, setups and purchase convenience for their customers, always with affordable prices by implementing direct sales -manufacturer to customer-. Direct sale provides the end user with the chance to buy a design piece of furniture for their home, having the possibility to define their own furniture, be shipped home in a compact package and minimizing the environmental impact.