Albert, a global design for education

Albert is a chair designed from a global perspective but which strongly adheres to the technical specifications required by the Colombian educational sector.

Best furniture design by the CLAP Awards


In the design and development of the Albert, we applied out Agile Design work method from the conceptualisation stage until production was begun, including the intermediary technical validation stages which require a product that is manufactured using thermoplastic materials through prototype design and creation.

Albert, which takes its name from the scientist Albert Einstein, is the answer to the challenge put to us by Kassani: they wanted a new universal range of 360º chairs for educational settings. Kassani needed a product with a dual approach. It had to adapt to the Colombian economic, production and functional circumstances, whilst also responding to global legislation in order to ensure its access and that of the company’s to more global markets.

Exhaustive design and industrial development work

This project has been developed jointly with the Colombian National Learning Service (SENA), which defined a highly structured process, with specific objectives in each phase, to ensure the maximum guarantees of safety and comfort in learning.

Albert is the result of deep research into new teaching methods and an exhaustive development and industrial design project in order to adapt each technical detail to official requirements: measurements, features, materials, textures, soldering, the machinery required for production and professional profiles that must be involved in the process.


“Albert has a direct impact on the differentiation of our brand, as it manages to create value for the sector whilst capturing value; this is something that will ultimately be reflected by greater participation in the market, registers and patents through a relevant brand that provides value in a global market and corporate sustainability”. 

David Lara – Director of Marketing and Design at Kassani

The result of the design, development and production process of the Albert is a robust, efficient and adequately light solution that adapts to the active processes of teaching where participation, creativity, collaboration and the use of technology is all key.

The Albert is a high-performance chair, created from the injection of thermoplastic that incorporates a metal exoskeleton to strengthen the adjustment of the plastic sheet to the human body. It makes sitting in any position comfortable: either in working position, or flipped or sideways. With real-size prototypes, the comfort, industrial viability and quality of the final result was able to be tested.

It is a 360º chair that is comfortable in any position

Albert is the result of our more than 30 years of experience designing products for habitat, contract and facility spaces. We proved to the client that, by way of easy and simple production systems, we were able to create a long-lasting, ergonomic product.

After defining the aims in agreement with the client, the product’s attributes and design were decided upon so that we could then focus on production optimisation, reviewing each point of the process and carrying out the corresponding industrial and efficiency viability analyses.


User comfort was the basis for this project. Thus, the European and Colombian ergonomic legislation was studied meticulously in order to strike a balance between the percentiles that are applied as regards the height and the physical characteristics of the people that are going to use the chairs.

Its accessories include wheels, lower shelves, sliding feet and built-in desks. In the stool version, the Albert provides solutions for laboratories and research areas.

It combines thermoplastic and metal reinforcement

It is available in three different sizes in order to guarantee comfort and efficiency for those in their first few years of higher education. The back adjusts to the person’s back thanks to the design and materials.

Highly customisable for educational settings

“Albert is the conclusion of a satisfactorily executed design and development project, but it is also the start of a vision for a global market which will ensure sustainability in the long term for a brand that believes that design is a tool that will allow companies to compete in a world with a global economy.”

David Lara – Director of Marketing and Design at Kassani