TNK Flex

A second skin anticipating your every move

The TNK Flex chair is a quality leap in design and development of ergonomically designed office chairs, based on the haptic interaction with the user for a better, more ergonomic support. A chair that intuitively anticipates the user needs, adapting to the morphology and movements of the human body and adapting the seat and the backrest to the user’s features, as if it were a second skin. Produced by Actiu.

The intelligent backrest of TNK Flex has been perfectly engineered to entrench this chair in the forefront of office chair designs.

The supportive seating structure stems from the adaptable backrest (height, inclination, torque), granting the complete freedom of movement, while synchronously maintaining the correct ergonomic posture at all times.

Recipient of a 2018 German Design Award and a 2018 Archiproduct Design Award.