A holding hanger with compact symmetries

Sling is an accessory for wardrobes that has been designed by EMUCA. It is a folding hanger that is defined by its superfine silhouette and by its ability to blend with the environment. In addition, and thanks to its design, it can be completely customised, an added value in wardrobe components that allows everyone to tailor this symmetrically compact design to their own liking.

This product allows you to hang large-sized garments at a height, making them more accessible and making the most of the interior of your wardrobes and closets. It has a system of shock absorbers that provides greater safety when you are raising and lowering the piece.

Its design includes a customisable front cover that allows it to fit aesthetically into the wardrobe and that also adds a high decorative value, if the user so desires. Its width can be adjusted to adapt to the interior of the wardrobe and it features spacers to bridge the gap between the hanger and the doors.