Colour, Material and Finish trends in Winter 2019

We start 2019 with a summary of the colours that, in our opinion, will set trends this year in Colour, Material and Finish (CMF). From Europe’s trendiest city, Milan, our very own coolhunter gives us her forecast for this year. Colours, Materials and Finishes that we will eventually use in our products. We are already seeing them in brands and designers that, year after year, set the path that colors, design and fashion will follow, hand in hand, with everyday products. Read our article from Eleonora Saiz.


Honey Mustard | PANTONE 17-1047 TPX | 

Honey Mustard is the big trend colour of the Winter.
We have seen it progressively replace the more classic tones of golden brown and ambery yellows in fashion, industrial and interiors products.
It is often found flanked by similar ones, as it is reminiscent of the natural world. Honey Mustard is dense, saturated and capable of bringing warmth and energy into the color palette. You may note that the sports world has adopted it to communicate a genuine and symbolic link with nature.




Ocean Depths | PANTONE 19-4535 TPX |

A sophisticated and elegant colour, Ocean Depths this year comes morphic and particularly sensory. It plays with lights and gradients ranging from green to blue, making surfaces iridescent and responsive. The automotive and hi-tech industries make great use of it, to convey a futuristic, advanced and very refined product vision through the surface finishes. It is a versatile tint, unisex and able to speak multiple languages: that of a minimal and refined luxury, as well as that of the most contemporary design.




Pink Flambè + Placid Blue PANTONE 18-2133 TPX   |   PANTONE 15-3920 TP

It is an unusual combination, suggestive and multifaceted what characterizes the Pink Flambè and the Placid Blue.
The first has a feminine and exuberant character, the second reveals a delicate and light soul. Together they create a seductive and original combo, at the borders of the fairy-tale, with a linear nuance that brings the gaze from one to the other. Pink Flambè + Placid Blue results beautiful when applied on all types of materials: on transparencies it is ethereal and celestial, while on the opaque it is dense and full-bodied. An interesting chromatic note for this Winter 2018 that is pushing the colors experimentation beyond the limits of the ordinary.




Geranium Red    | PANTONE 17-1753 TPX

It’s a fact that red is always therein design; it is news that it is now so predominant and often monochromatic. If previously it had conquered the textile and furnishing accessories, today it characterizes the latest technological products. It seems there’s a will to use unprecedented and expressive colourings, to make the perception of high-tech products more intimate and familiar.
Geranium Red perfectly matches to this very trend: it is a universal hue, fresh and lively, which will not cease to amaze.




Red Plum    | PANTONE 19-2025 TPX

Red Plum is a timeless, elegant and trendy colour.
Between red and purple, companies and designers have chosen to experiment with this hue, as it is able to speak simultaneously both to a male and a female audience. The incisive and audacious character of Red Plum allows varied applications which do not renounce to fashion accessories, home decor and home furniture. It is paired with bright reds, blacks or different shades of plum, for ton-sur-ton combinations.