Today’s context is hugely volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous but it  also presents an opportunity for organizations, companies and communities to test their resilience while exploring new and more agile environments, fit for a disruptive 21st century.

History rewrites itself constantly but even more so in times of disruption. Our role as designers means using our creative and technical instincts to anticipate what people need now and what they will need in the months and years to come. We keep observing, analyzing and defining the patterns that will be decisive very soon.

We analyzed 12 trends that allow us to predict and infer what people will need in the near future. We want to highlight 3 trends that directly affect innovation, value and people. 


Innovation is the key that opens new horizons. In that sense, real expertise will be critical. Competence, seriousness and a proven track record will help gain the trust of a new public, looking for true references. ‘A return to faith in serious experts’ will be crucial.

collective action

People matter. The impact of what people can do when they join forces and stick together will grow in importance. The sense of community will bring more ‘Power of collective action’.


The value of space has never been clearer and it will continue to be appreciated in the future. Feeling comfort and well-being, no matter where we find ourselves in each moment, whether at home or in an open space will be essential. Our home will become a happy refuge whereas outdoor spaces will be a place to reconnect with people and nature. Well-being will be the common trait in both trends.