Virtual showroom: OMP shows our products in 80 countries

InterZoom’s recent virtual fair has enabled OMP to show its furniture catalogue to more than 700 people across 80 countries. This is yet further evidence of the new digital era being able to break down borders and broaden the reach of any promotion campaign. 

This way, the OMP showroom has helped to showcase 5 of our collections to potential clients in 200 virtual meetings organised across 18 days.

KLC Edu, Linear, Core, Rail and First Chair make up the main content of the catalogue that OMP has included in its virtual showroom. The pieces are the result of the brand’s collaboration over the years with Alegre Design, which has translated into greater global projection for the study’s products.

OMP is a global component supplier for industry furniture which went from being a supplier for Alegre Design to its client. Thus, the designs created by OMP have been distributed across the world, multiplying its geographical reach.

This meant the study had to be in strict compliance with the safety and sustainability legislation applicable globally. An experience and knowledge that can be applied to other global projects.

The relationship with OMP has gone further still this year with the design and marketing of First Chair, a chair that responds to the needs of a home office or a conventional professional space, as it complies with all the technical specifications with its transversal and modular concept. 

Its design has been simplified by using only essential elements, and it applies the latest in thermoplastic technologies to create a highly customisable range.