Trim, recognized with a German Design Award

The German Design Award, the most prestigious design prizes in the German market, has once again recognized one of our products. The Trim chair has been distinguished with a German Design Award  in «Office Furniture» for a design that combines comfort, aesthetics, ergonomics and wellbeing.

The chair, designed for Actiu, prioritizes comfort and health with advanced technical qualities that include a height-adjustable backrest and advanced lumbar support.

Its huge capacity for customization is apparent in its textures, finishes and colours and in its capacity for individual adaptation to the user, favouring comfort and productivity in all kinds of professional environments.

The design is available in three models: one with a plastic laminate backrest, one with a mesh backrest and one upholstered. Its texture, made from plastic laminate, which is long-lasting, creates a mesh which supports the back and improves air circulation, favouring long working days and improving the user’s well-being.

Ergonomics are the raison d’être of Trim, which is based on proven technology that guarantees the durability of the product. At Alegre Design we work closely with the client to define the qualities of a product, to which we contribute our knowledge of materials, design, ergonomics and production processes. Therefore, every piece is meticulously adapted to all the requirements and manufacturing systems of the client.

Regarding Actiu, the ergonomic curves of its products ensure great functionality and are based on the experience gained by the company over the last twenty years as chair manufacturers.