Trendsetting, future-facing design

Alegre Design has been guided for over 20 years by the idea that the purpose of design is to provide what people need now and what they will need in five years. This principle has shaped our way of working, our projects, and our products; it is the starting point for our Agile Design approach.

Agile Design enables us to identify needs and trends, and to develop experiences, services, and products that respond to changing requirements. Proof of that ability to anticipate future needs are our designs for the education sector.

The KLC Edu school chair, designed for the Italian OMP group, is a good example of this. A chair the Italian government purchased tens of thousands of units for the new school year. This product satisfies the current safety, social distancing, and hygiene needs in classrooms and is one of the featured items in the case study on design and education on the World Design Capital Valencia 2022 website. Click here

KLC Edu is one of the pieces that best exemplifies that our design philosophy is able to adapt to future events and situations. Another example of this is the product line developed for the school furniture manufacturer FG, which provide flexibility and portability, as well as stability, safety, and ergonomics. They are also suitable for sustained use over long school days.

Training spaces must be agile and flexible, with the potential to be transformed and adapted to different teams and occasions. To address this need, companies like Actiu now sell the Talent desk, a prizewinner at the FX International Interior Design Awards.

The talent desk is a movable, folding, height-adjustable desk which doesn’t need to be plugged in, with an easily accessible button activated gas piston that smoothly raises or lowers the desktop. When folded, the desktop can be used as a board for sketches, notes, and presentations. A multipurpose solution for an ever-changing education system.