Transit and Viva, top Spanish designs

The ICEX, in partnership with the different resources they have available to promote the Spanish designers worldwide (Interiors from Spain, Design), has just created the guide “Una oleada de diseño español” -“A Wave of Design from Spain”-, a paper issue accompanied by a website compiling the most important design works since the beginning of the 20th century. International prize-awarded products or sales record achievers for their manufacturers, featuring two of our designs for Actiu:


Transit, a bench inspired by vanguard architecture equipped with top technology and quality finishes, designed for intensive use in waiting and transit areas.

And Viva, a vanguard chair capable of providing different equipment solutions for all spaces. A colorful, casual and fun design already installed worldwide.


Publications like these help highlight the important value and role of the design in order to stress the competitiveness of the Spanish companies, outlining the historical path of this discipline, relatively new to the Spanish industrial history.

Design in Spain can be traced back to the seventies, and it would evolve until the eighties, when it would reach its peak, never to go back. Nevertheless, the industrial structure the Spanish design rests upon dates back 150 years ago. Authors like Gaudí, Miró or Dalí in the beginning of the 20th Century are proof of the quality of the Spanish design, inspired on the Spanish modernism that paved the way for a very strong furniture, textile and lighting industry.

In the late 80s, Spain joined the EEC and the companies had to face a higher international competition, meaning they had to be open to design in order to grow. Those manufacturers who were open to this new scenario joined forces with a growing number of renowned national and international product designers. As a result, they came up with an interesting combination of design and manufacture which identifies the “Made in Spain” tag with high quality products deeply rooted to their origins.

For more info, please visit: www.holadesignspain.com