TNK Flex receives the German Design Award

Our chair TNK Flex has received one of the most prestigious awards in the design field, the German Design Award, which is granted to projects that “truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape,” according to the organisation.

The jury, comprising renowned designers and architects as well as academics and entrepreneurs connected to the world of design, values the products selected according to criteria that include their general concept, design quality, level of innovation, aesthetics, functionality, simplicity of use, sustainability, profitability, technical quality, durability and production techniques, among others.

This is an examination that TNK Flex, designed for Actiu, has passed with merit, leading to its being selected as winner of the German Design Award, a prize that represents recognition of the added value provided by our design, in a prestigious and respected competition in the office chair sector.

This award shows that we are working along the right lines, with designs that make a difference. Furthermore, it ratifies our knowledge and the application in our creations of product design codes that are popular and influential in the German market.

Marcelo - Alegre Design - German Design Award


TNK Flex

TNK Flex is an office and executive chair produced to high technological standards that anticipates the needs of the user intuitively, adapting to the morphology and movements of the human body and adjusting the back and seat like a second skin. It unites performance, quality, ergonomics, design and competitiveness.

This chair represents an evolution in the current meaning of ergonomic design, since the technology applied in its design is based on support and the haptic interaction with the user, “haptic” meaning the sensorial perception received via the contact with any part of the human body and which is closely linked to movement.

In fact, it receives and supports the back, adapting automatically to all its movements, without the need for the user to activate any mechanism.

The support is based on a technology used in lorry cabs, a suspended seat that provides a sensation of gravity.

The area in contact with the user is provided with air chambers in the foam of the seat, an innovation applied to office chairs that favours compression and decompression, so that the seat receives, absorbs and adapts its form to the specific needs of the user, creating a sensation of balance and wellbeing.

The seat is the point from which the user leans against a fully adaptable back (height, inclination, torque) that interprets and anticipates the movements of the user, with a gentle rocking that provides total freedom of movement while working, maintaining a correct posture and maximum efficiency at all times.

TNK Flex meets the ergonomic requirements of office chairs: it is adjustable, it provides good lumbar support, its back is high enough to rest the back and neck, its seat is wide enough, preferably with arm rests to prevent muscle strain and, furthermore, it swivels.