Nofer | Three dots make the difference

After collaborating for many years with the development team of Nofer, a Spanish company that manufactures and markets stainless steel equipment for bathrooms in public spaces, the firm sought a way to identify its products, a distinctive feature.

A leader in product innovation and design, the firm has over a thousand items available, all of which are manufactured in Spain. All products respond to the highest quality standards and are subjected to exhaustive controls to verify and ensure their functioning and quality.

One of our collaborations was EVO, a collection of public hygiene products for daily use ranging from hand driers to soap and paper towel dispensers and industrial toilet roll holders, available in black, white or with a polished or satin finish in stainless steel.

During the development stage of these projects, we determined the positioning of three identifying dots on the products. Since their implementation in the Evo design, three graphic dots are now engraved in the stainless steel of all new products produced by the company, providing proof of the distinction of Nofer products.

Thus, these three dots have become an emblem of the brand and they are integrated in all the products of Nofer as an identifying and differentiating element. Three dots that make the difference and offer a guarantee of quality of a serious company, committed to the quality of its products.