The challenges of new mobility

Mobility is advancing at a blistering pace. Its transformation is accelerating in terms of speed, energy efficiency and user comfort. Regardless of the distance implied by each mode of transport, the solutions contributed to mobility by design must focus on the user well-being, innovation and the efficiency of all systems and processes.

At Alegre Design, we strive to create innovation and value that serve people. We continue to adapt to new scenarios and to anticipate what people will need in the future, in a context where sustainability will be non-negotiable.

Our work in the field of mobility, in projects focused on transport over short, medium and long distances, supports us to continue reflecting and innovating in this new era.

Analyzing the needs of airline travellers and car users.

From this global perspective, throughout our two decades of experience, our study has analysed in depth the needs of airline travellers. This has materialised in the Avant and Transit benches by Actiu, currently installed in airports around the world, and in the Core and Linear collections of the Italian manufacturer OMP.

From our study of the automotive sector and the interactions between the user, their vehicle and the refuelling and cleaning facilities, our projects for car washes and vacuum cleaners for the Istobal brand have emerged.

In the realm of ​​urban mobility, which includes shorter journeys, we have collaborated extensively with the Japanese manufacturer Katzden in the area of solutions for vehicles and bicycles. These range from parking space barrier Pablo to a series of bicycle storage solutions for all ages that include models such as Cesta, Llatina and D-NA. Design and efficiency go hand in hand in these products, to facilitate the day-to-day life of people who use the bicycle as their normal means of transport. They also bring features of design to urban spaces.

Our projects bring design to urban spaces.

As a result of all that experience, at Alegre Design, we are working on new mobility solutions, on concepts that combine design and engineering to improve urban mobility linked to a sector which is clearly in expansion: last mile in home food delivery sector.

Our team has detected a series of inefficiencies in these types of services, especially in relation to the ergonomics of the couriers and the solutions provided by the bicycles that are often used for this work.

Therefore, we are finalising a design proposal that will improve the daily lives of the people who make it possible for each food delivery order to reach its destination, in a rested, safe and fast way. Favoring the best possible working conditions for the delivery person and improving the consumer experience.

In a time when mobility is booming, at Alegre Design we have applied our values and our experience to think about how mobility would ideally be in the future. Its mission is to get a person from point A to point B in the most efficient and environmental friendly way possible. Based on this approach, we have thought about how to innovate to improve mobility systems, in a way that they add value to people and companies and obtain a better result in both of them, the user experience and corporations which provide services in this sector.

Getting from point A to point B efficiently.