Talent by Alegre Design, only Spanish nominee for the DesignEuropa Awards

Our Talent table, designed for furniture manufacturer Actiu, is the only Spanish design nominated for the DesignEuropa Awards in the Industrial Design category.

The DesignEuropa Awards are organized by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to give recognition to both products and their designers in the field of industrial design.

Talent is one of the four nominees in the Industrial Design category, together with John Deere 8 Series tractors (USA), Aperio H100 smart door handle (Sweden) and Philips IntelliVue X3 portable patient monitor (Netherlands).

The winners will be announced on 19 October 2021 at the awards ceremony in Eindhoven, which will also be live-streamed. During the ceremony, the Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to one of the most influential industrial designers, André Ricard, whose work includes from perfume bottles to the Olympic torch in Barcelona’92.

A table to promote talent

We designed Talent for Actiu as a system of stackable, height-adjustable, and foldable tables for working and learning multifunctional spaces. They are dynamic and functional, with very versatile properties, offer great flexibility and usability.

Talent does not require an electrical connection to raise the height of the tables or to facilitate mobility. In fact, an easily accessible button activates a gas piston that regulates both the raising and lowering of the work surface, in a very subtle and smooth movement, where the height is determined by the user.

Talent is a system of tables designed to promote talent, in spaces where group meetings, standing presentations, training sessions, workshops, speed dating events or workstations can be set up in the same space and in a rapid and functional manner.