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In any design process, all aspects must be taken into account. This is a principle we have known and applied to each and every project we have worked on ever since we started our company.

We do not only design durable and efficient products which provide users with new solutions and experiences. We also help companies produce them, do research on the markets where they will be launched and even help position their brands by means of long-term processes.
In short, we design brand position strategies for different markets by means of their products, boosting their quality, know-how and experience.


B&V Story


Products are the best representatives for a brand, the work a company puts into them speaks for the brand image’s quality

A strong brand image is not bound to chance. It is a long-term joint work performed by maker and designer. We do not only think of the design of a specific product, but about a long-term strategic brand analysis project with specific milestones starting on the conception of the brand’s products. This is what we did with the upholstery company B&V. A long ride family business (they have been in operation for more than 20 years) but focused on their national market.

The starting point for our collaboration is the need for the company to start an internationalization process. Within the framework of this new business strategy, the company needed a new product, a new brand image, new markets as well as being introduced to new sectors, aiming to become one of the European upholstery leading brands. In Alegre Design we drew up a five-year guideline where all the actions to implement (design, production, communication, sales and internationalization strategies…) were taken into account aiming to position the brand in these new markets.

For milestones like the unveil of seven new products in the Hábitat Valencia trade show in 2015, of which we have designed four (IKON, DOCKS, EGO y SIGNATURE). Products for new sectors (contract) and aimed to international customers, to whom quality and know-how are key.

The Actiu Story




A product has to be released in the precise moment taking into account the needs of the market in that moment.

At Alegre Design, in addition to designing products, we carefully study the distribution markets where they will be launched. This has favored our designs to become immediate best sellers in many occasions. Actiu, office furniture manufacturer, is one of our best examples. We have been working with them for more than 10 years developing a strategic collaboration in product design and business development.

In the beginning, they were looking for designers with industrial expertise to provide them with a low-cost, low-impact manufacture. We have collaborated in the development of more than 15 products and are still looking into trends and market niches to develop one-of-a-kind products to, consequently, become best sellers.

The TNK chair, one of the first office chairs we developed for them, is still one of the company’s best sellers. We also collaborated in developing STAY, the chameleon-like office chair that every user can adapt to their needs. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the Top 10 sales products in 2014. And, of course, TNK 500, awarded a RED DOT design award in 2012 and one of the products the company has made the most units of and the most demanded chairs in international projects.


The Katzden Story


When innovation and creativity merge, they provide a traditional company with constant evolution.

A 200 years story is a long story. A long way you can only keep walking through innovation. Katzden is a Japanese company specializing in metal processing who needed to adapt their products to the current reality with products that could be launched and maintained in the market for the next 50 years.

We started our journey together by designing bike stands. We developed two models: CESTA and SIT BIKE, which are currently being installed all over Tokio city center. Later on, we renewed their children ladders line, KIDSLOFTY, that many kids in Japan have to access the lofts where they sleep. Three fun, functional and straitghtforward models to comply with all the safety regulations. Thanks to these designs, Katzden has started growing stronger in the Japanese market and being a new reference in well designed, functional metal manufactures.


The WeOn Glasses Story


The creative engineering allows us to transform dreams into reality, getting product to the forefront of technology.

WeOnGlasses are prescription glasses enhanced with the ability to control your cellphone, tablet and computer.

This idea, developed by the company ION EYEWEAR, S.L. and funded through crowdfunding, needed a design studio experienced in industrial processes and electronics to help a concept come to life. This is how this company contacted us looking for a partner to help them create the glasses and develop both their design and look for ways to produce them with the greatest development guarantees. In collaboration with a French company with extensive experience in manufacturing glasses rims for luxury firms and with a thoughtful design we designed these glasses where the electronics was perfectly embedded in a rim suitable for prescription glasses. These already enjoy great national and international success.