Sharing our experts’ view on design and innovation

Our nearly twenty years of experience on design and innovation allow us to think beyond what is expected and to anticipate what people will need in the years to come. 

Also, through our work, we have developed an international and Agile Approach that allows us to work with the best companies wherever we may be. In this internationalization journey, we have had the constant support of the Spanish Export Institute (ICEX). Now, we have also taken into our hands the task of using our experiencia to help others improve their global reach.

Our studio has been featured as ‘Designer of the month’ by the ICEX’s Interiors From Spain online portal. Read here our thoughts on our work, our methodology and the projects that we are working on.

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“Imagining objects for the world” is the title of this video, edited by ICEX a few months ago, where we explain our philosophy of creating daily objects that improve people’s lives and describe the studio’s evolution based on each experience, each market, each client and each project. 

This comprehensive body of work, together with our ability to foresee trends and patterns, has consolidated Alegre Design as an authorized voice in the design sector.

As a result of this, lately, our CEO, Marcelo Alegre has been sharing his views and participating in different initiative aimed to raise awareness on the critical role that design must play now and in the future.

For example, by taking part in the #EstoPasará project, coordinated by Valencia World Design Capital 2022. In this video, he explains how the studio has adapted itself to this new normal, by generating an agile work methodology and by already thinking about what the products of this new era would be like.