Sharing our experience in the Japanese market

Our strong relationship with the Japanese market has led to the creation of more than 40 products in the last five years, a track record that we will share on 29 November at a roundtable focussing on Spanish design, organised at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo by ICEX.

Our experience in Japan has led us to improve, to create products intended for sectors such as childcare, consumer electronics, urban furniture and medical equipment, among others. All these products benefit from sophisticated aesthetics and functionality that meet the needs and expectations of practicality and efficiency of such a demanding market as that of Japan.


In particular, in collaboration with the group Katzden Architec, we have developed diverse projects such as the Llatina and Cesta bicycle stands, of which more than 6,000 units have been installed in Tokyo and other prefectures of Japan.

Furthermore, our Fences for Triathlon are already being used in preliminary sports competitions and they will guide the athletes to the finishing line at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Japanese children’s segment is another of our specialities, for which we have created vertical gyms with metallic structures that allow an efficient use of higher spaces in homes to favour play, physic development and a healthy lifestyle.

The flexibility of our portfolio and our working processes enables us to create everyday objects that Japanese people use on a daily basis, with improved sustainability, effectiveness, aesthetics and performance thanks to their design.

The roundtable organised at the Embassy in Tokyo will take place in the framework of an exhibition focused on Spanish design entitled “The Next Simplicity – rediscovering the basics” which can be visited on 29 and 30 November and 1 December.