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Make it worth it

We inspire change through design.

Alegre Design is a design firm that brings innovation and value to people and companies through products and services. For twenty years we have faced new challenges in product design on a daily basis. This has resulted in collaborations of great diversity in industrial sectors worldwide. This experience, acquired in each project, allows us to transfer knowledge between industries and cultures.

What is Agile Design?


We design products and services that increase the company’s worth thanks to its originality, efficiency and expertise. Working on all areas of the product and study its processes, which enables us to provide creativity and solutions in all the stages of the project.

Alegre Design applies agile methodologies to manage projects and Design Thinking to boost creativity. This is Agile Design.
Together with this sensitivity, internally, we have adopted our own and unique methodology: Agile Design. This approach brings together an agile project development concept, which brings the maximum value to the client, and Design Thinking processes in order to open new paths and create new solutions to meet the needs of different and global companies.

Our approach


Inspiring change through innovation, adding value for companies and creating designs for people.

At Alegre Design, we are always seeking new perspectives and ideas; refining services, products and experiences while creating a new future for people. A design thinking approach allows us to adapt to the clients specific needs, offering adaptive services in each field, creating strong synergies.


Predictive vs Adaptative project


Our Adaptive Project mindset, lets us be Agile while bringing true value to the client through short deliveries.

Predictive projects are constraining because they are closed in scope, time and price. We work under Design Thinking and Agile mindsets, that approach lets us bring real value to clients in short time deliveries, making the project adaptable to the evolution of the market, while maintaining a transparent and clear price.


Our added value


Adding value with each delivery.

We approach the product using the agile methodology, being adaptive to projects that deliver value with each delivery. This allows the client to make decisions in an agile, concrete and consistent way.