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Agile Design

We inspire change through design.

Alegre Design is a design firm that brings innovation and value to people and companies through products and services. For twenty years we have faced new challenges in product design on a daily basis. This has resulted in collaborations of great diversity in industrial sectors worldwide. This experience, acquired in each project, allows us to transfer knowledge between industries and cultures.

What it’s an Agile Design?


We design products and services that increase the company’s worth thanks to its originality, efficiency and expertise. Working on all areas of the product and study its processes, which enables us to provide creativity and solutions in all the stages of the project.

Alegre Design applies Design Thinking to create great user centered products and design services to open new market opportunities. We call it Agile Design.

Our goals


In a constantly changing market, we study each case and every sector to identify innovations, define value proposals and satisfy people’s needs. 

Through design and agility , we implement methodologies that represent differentiated value. We innovate, creating products, services and experiences, always thinking about the user, always from the premise of quality, durability and sustainability. 

At Alegre Design we turn intuitions and strategies into success stories, designing a path that leads to a conscious and intelligent change. We approach the product using our agile methodology, being adaptive to projects that deliver value and that will allow the client to make decisions in and agile, solid and consistent way.