Promoting spanish design to shape a new future

Design is a weapon loaded with the future. A tool capable of improving people’s lives as long as it senses their needs and responds to them through innovation and value creation.

Spanish design is currently in a sweet spot, after a few years in which its excellence and scope have crossed borders all throughout the world, with Valencia having been designated the World Design Capital 2022.

Since its inception, the philosophy of Alegre Design and its team has included bringing the positive aspects of design to as many people and places as possible, in order to shine light on how design can improve the quality of life of people through their daily objects, the services they use and their experiences.

In fact, our CEO, Marcelo Alegre, has been a member of the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV) for years, and is one of the members of its board of directors, as the person responsible for the internationalization of the entity’s design studios.

Based on his experience as an advisor to the ICEX Next program for all kinds of companies, he has created and developed a tool that, under the name of Follow Us, defines a framework to connect well-established professionals with studios looking to follow the path of internationalization. 

Thus, in collaboration with IVACE International, a program of Virtual Agendas has been organized to present the Valencian design sector in the United Kingdom with the aim of establishing collaboration and commercial agreements.

In addition, the work that we have been developing over the past twenty years at Alegre Design has been selected by the From Spain With Design project, which aspires to create a global showcase for Spanish design. This cross-cutting initiative, coordinated by READ, the Spanish Network of Design Associations, will show the world the innovativeness and competitiveness of Made In Spain design.

For more than a decade, Alegre Design’s work has been developed alongside leading companies from all over the world, companies it has collaborated with in the development of products with an international calling and scope.

Thus, to put all of the analysis, research, design and engineering work on display, several projects have been contributed to this digital platform: Click here

Eyesynth, the first glasses that, thanks to an algorithm, convert visual and spatial information into sounds that help guide blind people.

KLC Edu, an advanced chair for educational spaces, which prioritizes ergonomics and comfort in use.

Eurus, a workstation for dental professionals based on the fusion shape principle.

Noom, a collection of chairs, stools and armchairs that combines tailoring and 3D technology in its design.

Products that are based off an easy-to-understand and applicable work methodology in any environment, regardless of the company’s nationality or sector: Agile Design.