Product Design and Definition with VR

The proportions, dimensions and balance of each piece are determining factors in each design project.

At Alegre Design, we use the latest technologies available to improve both the processes and definition of products. That’s why we’ve chosen to integrate VR (virtual reality) glasses into our work methodology.

This technology is especially useful in the early stages of the design process, since the glasses generate an immersive experience that favors a greater sensory perception of the object. Thus, the piece moves off the two dimensional computer screen or paper and adopts a corporal dimension thanks to virtual technology.

Observing and interacting with the object in a virtual way, in three dimensions and in real time, allows our designers to appreciate all its curves and volumes along with all its details.

This prior visualization applied to the design process makes the pieces more balanced, which is the result of being able to work in real dimensions, modeling and drawing a piece of which there is already a defined spatial perception. It is thus possible to increase the quality and functionality of the designed objects.

By applying immersion technologies such as VR, we make the process dynamic and contribute added value to the design of products for the client and the user.