The new classroom furniture collection for Federico Giner

Designed by Alegre Design for Federico Giner, this collection brings mobility into the classroom, favouring the teamwork, communication and learning associated with the new era, while conserving the values of quality, safety and durability that distinguish this brand of furniture. This collection of furniture allows the configuration of the classroom to be varied quickly, quietly and efficiently to generate spaces that motivate students and stimulate learning.


Actiu chair 100% personalized

If we can customize our clothes and tune our car, Why can´t we adapt our work chair to our tastes and make it more comfortable and personal? A team reflection by Marcelo Alegre, by AlegreIndustrial Studio, for the design of the new chair STAY for Actiu. From the beginning, STAY has been designed so that the user can play with a range of options that vary depending on the system of arms (fixed, elevated, rotating or moving), the lumbar support system, the upholstery of the seat, plastic or aluminium base, as well as the colour of the structure.



The lightness and functionality of a managerial armchair

Fashions change, offices evolve and management teams are different. Cron is the result of a rigorous analysis of new working environments and managerial needs of businesses and organisations. Places where the hierarchies are set horizontally, the environments are open, shared and dynamic. In these spaces, the new managers form part of the team, they are accessible and close as a collaborator. Thinking about this, Alegre Industrial Studio developed a new armchair for Actiu which meets these demands and abilities of these profiles.



Your second skin

TNK Flex provides two fundamental developments aimed at revolutionizing office furniture at Actiu: an ergonomic design that is based on both the support and interaction of the user. Produced by Actiu.

KLC-versatile Chair -Alegre-Design-01


KLC is the new chair by Alegre Design for hundreds of different uses

The KLC chair for OMP Group is designed to be a multi-purpose and versatile chair, capable of being adapted to all kinds of spaces and fully customisable, so that it fits into any context. It is a product that covers, thanks to its chameleonic nature and extreme customisation, all areas of the market in chair installation.

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  • KLC-versatile Chair -Alegre-Design-04


The glasses that make it possible to ‘see’ by hearing

The Spanish company Eyesynth has developed the first glasses that, thanks to an algorithm, convert spatial and visual information into audio that blind people can understand. Alegre Design has collaborated on this project in the formal exterior design and industrial development of these glasses, including in their aesthetics the whole electronic system that makes this historical feat possible.

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