Our Fences will lead athletes at Tokyo 2020

Our new triathlon Fences will lead Olympic athletes at Tokyo 2020. These fences have already been used in preliminary trials, such as the Yokohama triathlon (Japan).

This model, which stays true to the spirit of traditional Japanese fences, has been redesigned and adapted to new production methods and new applications, such as the placement of advertising on the front area.

AlegreDesign-Tokyo 2020-02

In addition to this, these iron fences are foldable and are easily transported in addition to being quick to assemble. Their general design maximises efficiency, both in manufacturing and implementation. As these fences will be installed across kilometres and kilometres of race tracks, it is crucial that their manufacturing cost is accessible.

AlegreDesign-Tokyo 2020-03AlegreDesign-Tokyo 2020-04

In addition to their efficiency, the design has prioritised both the wellbeing of the people behind the fences and the safety of the users of the route, which will include cyclists, runners and pedestrians. With this in mind, the design has removed the front bases from this type of fence in order to prevent inconvenience, therefore favouring a more fluid and effective design.