Orgatec 2018: Products that bring design, technology and comfort to the office

Talent is a system of stackable, height-adjustable and foldable tables that do not require electricity, are easy to move and favour tidiness, since they can be folded away. They are designed to promote talent, intended for use in training rooms and multifunctional spaces an they can be set up in a fast and functional manner. They have an easily-accessible button that activates a gas piston to regulate both the raising and lowering of the work surface, where the height is determined by the user.

Trim has been created to care for people, enhancing their wellbeing by offering extensive options for customisation and a height-adjustable backrest that improves its ergonomics and its ability to adapt to the user, caring for the sitter’s back and bodily comfort. Aimed at professional and work environments, this product is available in three different models: with a plastic laminate, mesh or upholstered backrest. Its texture, based on very durable plastic sheeting, creates a mesh that generates back support and favours ventilation.