A collaboration based on trust, knowledge and efficiency

Deciding what to produce, defining the characteristics of the product and finding the ideal partners to bring these projects to life are some of the dilemmas and challenges faced by companies around the world.

At Alegre Design, we have been advancing and innovating for decades, together with the companies that we support in their growth. We are specialists in Design Direction, Trend Research and Product Design.

The combination of these three tools helps to establish a clear line of work and a path for the future based on the innovation of the project, the value that it brings and the market that it is aimed at – whether it is a product, a service or an experience.

OMP is one of the companies with which we maintain a particularly close relationship of collaboration and trust. OMP is a company based in Italy and is a supplier of components for installations worldwide.

From a solution provider relationship for our projects, OMP soon became a client of the studio. In doing so, it opened the door of our products to a greater range of international markets.

The designs created for OMP have been distributed worldwide, multiplying their geographical span, which has required strict compliance with international safety and sustainability regulations. An enriching experience for us, as a studio, that has given us valuable knowledge that we can apply to the rest of our projects.

KLC (2017)

The KLC chair was our first addition to the OMP global catalogue. It is a versatile chair for educational spaces, with a high level of customization. A transversal product, based on a subtle and sculptural seat that enhances the sitting experience, without edges or curves, that promotes user comfort. An open storage space in the lower area promotes order and comfort. Recently, with the return to the classroom, KLC has been one of the choices of the Italian Government to equip the country’s schools, ensuring compliance with distancing and hygiene requirements.

Rail (2019) 

The collaboration continued with Rail, an office chair that is focused on its light weight. The chair incorporates improvements in technology and engineering to the traditional mesh chair design. Its innovation lies in the fact that it brings improvements, both to user comfort and to the production cycle, by incorporating thermoplastic technical material into manufacturing, promoting efficiency and durability and setting a new standard.

Lineal and Core (2019)

The most recent products are Lineal and Core, a family of components for benches designed to configure meeting points, nodes of personal connection in waiting rooms for spaces such as hospitals, health centres and public areas. The benches are equipped with electrical outlets and USB access, designed to promote comfort and connectivity. Linear is made of steel while Core is made of injected aluminum.