Noom armchair

Sit comfortably, create, let your imagination soar


Noom Armchair

Sit comfortably, create, let your imagination soar

Noom Armchair, in its generously sized armchair version, is a guarantee of comfort. The ergonomics of the piece have received the utmost care and attention, to favour its use during long periods of time. Its backrest, available in various heights, enables every piece to be customised to the necessary level of comfort. Produced by Actiu.


Recipient of a 2019
European Product
Design Award

Noom is based on a careful study of the pleats and seams of the fabrics used in traditional tailoring. This precision in the stitching, together with 3D technologies, led to the concept of Noom, a large armchair that cares for the user’s body.

Its contemporary design
and pleasing lines manage
to create new sensations
and interactions with the user.

Materials such as high-density polyurethane ensure its durability and adapt with precision to the industrial capacities of the client, the furniture brand Actiu.