Nofer’s Evo Collection at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

Nofer’s Evo collection, represented by the automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser designed by Alegre Design, is part of the “Emergency! Design Against COVID-19″ exhibition at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

This dispenser is based on a previous model designed for soap that has been adapted to meet today’s needs.

The exhibition, which can be visited until January 10, 2021, looks to draw attention to design that’s meant to provide solutions for the health crisis with 55 projects, among which is the Nofer dispenser.

It can be anchored to the wall or attached to the ground with a support leg, which makes it stable and allows it to be moved from one space to another. It can hold up to a liter of hydroalcoholic gel.

The exhibition is organized by the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona and by Catalonia’s Associació de Disseny Industrial (ADI-FAD), seeking to showcase products and initiatives that, from a design point of view, have provided immediate responses to the new circumstances generated by the pandemic.

Thus, a number of solutions are displayed that contribute to the promotion of hygiene, personal protection and safety.

Alegre Design has been working closely with Nofer for four years, a Spanish leader in supplies for bathrooms and hospitals.

In this regard, the studio has designed a complete line of public hygiene products for the brand, characterized by their distinctive aesthetics and functionality.

In addition to the soap and gel dispensers, there is a whole range of products for daily use that include hand dryers and roll holders in stainless steel with different finishes.