Mobility Plaza, our shortlisted proposal for Missions València 2030

The Missions València 2030 initiative seeks to create a more sustainable city. To do so, it has turned to professionals from the fields of design, science and innovation to gather ideas that will improve the quality of life in the city.

At Alegre Design, we are delighted that our Mobility Plaza proposal has made it through to the final of the project competition organised by the management of Missions València 2030.

Mobility Plaza is, on the one hand, the product of our two decades of experience in the mobility sector, with projects on several continents and, on the other hand, of our analysis of trends and our vision for the future of mobility, which is based on well-being, connection, efficiency and sustainability.

Thus, the purpose of Mobility Plaza is to democratise sustainability from the city centre to the suburbs, reducing vehicle traffic and thus improving the air quality of all districts equally.

Until now, most models of sustainable urban mobility have focused on cities’ central districts, but this proposal takes an inclusive and integrative point of view. It thus seeks to create a network of extrapolated points (hubs) that create the same opportunities for all citizens, regardless of where they live.

The project identifies a network of interconnected points between districts, creating social spaces and avoiding private journeys resulting from constant deliveries of e-commerce packages.

The Mobility Plaza modular system consists of: a base, pick-up lockers, stands, bicycle racks, a shelter and a stop for vehicles for hire without drivers (VTC). It occupies part of the roadway used for vehicle parking and can be adapted to any urban grid. In fact, every citizen should have one of these hubs within 500 metres of their home.

These hubs thus concentrate journeys within the same district, removing traffic from a large portion of the streets that make up the district. These pick-up and drop-off and departure and arrival points can also function as social spaces that contribute to revitalising the area.

At Alegre Design, we approach mobility from a global point of view, as the whole process of moving from point A to point B, in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner, promoting a zero-emission objective. All the solutions provided by design must be aimed at increasing well-being and value among people, cities and service providers, improving the experience for everyone.