Milan’s key trends for 2019

The Salone del Mobile of Milan has come and gone and has also left much to discuss and analyze. Our very own coolhunter Eleonora Saiz gives Alegre Design her forecast in Colour, Material and Finish (CMF) trends that will be key this forthcoming season. Through her insight and her reflection of the Salone del Mobile we are able to expand our knowledge about market trends and get to know the latest novelties. In this article, we want to share some of them with you.


Generative intersections

The combination of simple solids generates new complex shapes, given by the fusion of contrasting volumes. Designers experiment with elements disproportions and perception changes to create original materials associations.

In this trend we see different finishes and opacities contrasting each other to create a living and evolving design that never ceases to amaze.

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Linear fluidity

Many of the seats we have seen at the Salone del Mobile are built from a tubular structure that runs through their entire silhouette. The line is sinuous, bold and becomes the tool that allows to give character to the object. In fact, the lack of right angles and sharp edges makes the seats dynamic and fluid despite the presence of heavy and traditional materials.

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International Klein Blue

International Klein Blue is a ultramarine blue color, well-known due
to French artist Yves Klein. In Milan, we have seen it as a protagonist of a more bolder and courageous approach to Industrial Design. Products and decorative objects now wear Blue to communicate freshness and an authentic attachment to the contemporary era.
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Arches of light

Euroluce, the world of lighting design, has been a main focus of the Salone del Mobile. In that sense,  the arches of light are certainly of great importance. The light can be pointed or diffused, but it is defined by a sculptural shape, bordering on architectural, which invades space and draws three-dimensional lines.

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