Marcelo: “Designers must have the intuition of what people will need, anywhere”

Our philosophy has always been that designers must have the intuition of what people will need, whether at work, at home or anywhere else. This philosophy is based on innovation. A real and true innovation that reaches people and that can bring value for each company.

Our CEO, Marcelo Alegre, has taken part in the live Instagram chats organized by the Spanish Design Companies Association (RED) together with Soledad Berbegal, Brand Reputation director in Actiu, the leading office furniture manufacturer in Spain.

These chats aim to highlight the importance of the collaboration between designer – Alegre Design – and company – Actiu – to create innovative products designed for the people that, at the end of the day, will be the final users.

“We work hand in hand with companies to create products, but we work for the people. For nobody else”, he said.

Alegre Design’s international portfolio and its collaboration with the Spanish Export Institute has allowed the studio to get in touch and work with many different technical market segments in various countries. Its designers have also gained in perspective and cultural sensitivity.

“We are able to perceive how each product should be, depending on its country and its market. This ability has become even more important, now that we found ourselves in a disruptive moment, on a global scale. It has allowed us to have a feeling about what will come after this and start working on new ideas for that new reality”, he explained.

The studio is already working with companies in China and Japan that are willing to adapt its portfolio and its business strategy to that new scenario.

“The visible part of our job is the final product. But our work includes three solutions: business design, innovation and research and, finally, product design”, he commented.

As for the new reality that awaits us, there are factors that will be of the utmost importance, such as sustainability, hygiene, social distancing… “We must take into all of these cultural inputs to design new products”, he concluded.

When it comes to innovation, there is a big difference between innovating and inventing. “Innovation can be based on simple things. To apply processes that are used in one industry in a different industry is innovating. It means to do new things that result in specific products”, he highlighted.