Marcelo Alegre reveals the making of the TNK A500: Sustainable Engineering and Creativity

Advanced engineering and creativity are completely compatible with sustainability. Marcelo Alegre, designer for Actiu TNK A500program, revealed in FADfest 2012 the making of the new chair.
The presentation took place in a ceremony in which Actiu was the collaborating party, during the celebration of FADfest 2012. Fadfest, is an annual event in which FAD celebrates excellent creativity, recognises the work of professionals and businesses, and brings the culture of design to an audience identified with discipline.
“Working with Actiu always implies a good working methodology, which starts with an analytical phase in which innovation arises from the observation of our closest surroundings” explains Marcelo Alegre.
TNK A500 is accredited via Red Dot Product Design Award 2012, as one of the best designed products at international level highlighting a series of functional, technical and technological details, with a timeless and elegant shape.
Amongst the systems that TNK A500 incorporates, the evolutionary double syncro mechanism to control the return of the back is highlighted, patented by Actiu. The primary function is to control the speed of the return by means of a gas cylinder. The second system controls the locking of any position and return control when the user is detached from the back.
The ergonomics of this product have been one of the most studied features, making the TNK A500 comfortably respond to the mobility needs of all types of users, adapting smoothly to any position and minimizing the effort of users to maintain and vary positions, all in a natural way without the need to make manual adjustments.