Katzden Architec | Fences, on the home straight for the 2020 Olympic Games

With a bow to the athletes, “Fences” were the stars of the recent Japanese triathlon. Our Fences are synonymous with tradition, design and innovation. The spirit of traditional Japanese fences lives on in the 21st century thanks to the enhancements brought about by innovation and design, and the capacity of that design to adapt to the metal production processes of the client.

Fences mark another step in our close relationship of collaboration with Japanese manufacturer Katzden Architec and they will be the common denominator of numerous sporting trials at the forthcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

But it has not been necessary to wait until then to verify their functionality and the contribution of design to trials of this type. Preliminary races prior to the Olympics and other competitions have already used Fences, which have adapted the functionality of athletics fences to the modern world, with a front area prepared for the placement of advertisements. Specifically, they guided the participants across the finishing line in a recent triathlon in Japan, a trial that combined a 1.5-kilometre swim, 40 kilometres of cycling and a 10-kilometre run.

Furthermore, the design favours the ease of handling of the pieces, since the front bases have been eliminated, making them much more efficient to use and to stack. In fact, they are foldable and can be transported on pallets. Thus, their design favours the safety of both the spectators of the trials and the athletes who participate, by facilitating movement and eliminating obstacles.

Several of the manufacturer’s technical specifications have been taken into account in the product design, such as the balance between weight and resistance, that is, between lightness and stability, and the safety of younger spectators, since children are unable to slip through.

Fences open our collaboration with Katzden Architec to the field of competition sport.  In the last decade, our cooperation with this Japanese manufacturer has led to diverse products, from bicycle parking systems such as Cesta and Llatina to playtime ladders for children such as Kidslofty and domestic spaces for cats, such as NeconoMa.