Our design for the Olympic Games: Fences

Fences is the name of the barriers that will lead triathletes next week in the Tokio Olympic Games this month. Fences has been designed by Alegre Design for Japanese company Katzden Architec, as a result of a decade of collaboration between both firms.

This project dates back to the original preliminary trials of the Games, such as the Yokohama triathlon of 2019 and now they will be used to lead triathletes to the finish line.

Fences’ design looks to tradition, staying true to the spirit of traditional Japanese fences, and to the 21st century.  They have redesigned and adapted to new production methods and new applications, such as the placement of advertising on the front area.

Besides balancing tradition and innovation, Fences’ design prioritizes people’s well-being, on both sides of the fence. With this in mind, the design has removed the front bases from this type of fence to prevent inconveniences. The result is a more fluid and effective design.

These iron-made Fences are foldable, easily transported and quick to assemble. We have worked together with Katzden Architec to make sure that our design maximizes efficiency, both in manufacturing and implementation.

Alegre Design has been designing for the Japanese market for more than a decade, in collaboration with Katzden Architec. The animal-inspired D-NA bike racks are the latest addition to a range of products that includes the Cesta and Llatina bike racks installed throughout Tokyo’s urban areas. Japan’s urban spaces also feature Pablo, a collection of ‘car stoppers’, a set of bars anchored to the ground that mark the end of each parking space.


Katzden is a company with over a century of experience, specializing in metal processing that has turned to Alegre Design to modernize its product portfolio and processes thanks to our innovative industrial and commercial vision.