Katzden: Design leads to evolution

Their work methodology and vision of the future as far as design and international markets are concerned has allowed Alegre Design to establish long-lasting and fruitful relationships with companies from different geographical locations. The experience gained in each project has allowed them to pass on their knowledge among different industries and countries. 

Japan’s Katzden is one of the companies that has relied on the studio for nearly a decade to define its catalog and product strategy. Katzden is a company with more than a century of specialized metal processing experience that needed to modernize its product portfolio and processes to take on the next 50 years. 

Alegre Design’s relationship with Katzden dates back to 2012. Numerous products have emerged from this relationship that have brought innovation and design to the company. In return, the studio has accumulated valuable knowledge about the Japanese market and about the internal management of innovation by companies.    

The relationship with Katzden has been built visit by visit, meeting by meeting and product by product. Our CEO, Marcelo Alegre, has brought an innovative vision to traditional Japanese industrial processes with new products from an industrial and commercial point of view. This collaboration has given way to a constant updating of machinery, year after year, and of industrial processes, which are now more efficient and sustainable than ever.

Some of the most noteworthy products to come from this collaboration are:

Cesta | 2014 

Having become the standard for bicycle parking in and around the Tokyo area, Cesta is a sustainable product, from the point of view of its production and use. This bike rack is created from a single mold, managing to optimize processes and minimize waste, in accordance with the principles of sustainable production. It is made of natural steel, in a single piece without welding, which means that it can be completely recycled without any contaminants or waste. 

Kids Lofty | 2014

This product for kids is integrated into the home and is based on the Katzden product philosophy, strictly complying with the regulations that apply to products intended for children’s use. It provides a playful perspective to create a shared space where children and adults can have fun together.

Fences | 2017

Fence is a triathlon fence, chosen as the standard for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They have been used in all preliminary races and will be used for the next edition of this global event. This iron model maintains the spirit of traditional Japanese fences and adapts to new production methods and new uses, such as the placement of advertising on the front. In addition, the front supports used on this type of fence have been eliminated to avoid any annoyances. They are foldable and can be transported on pallets.

Homra | 2018

Homra uses steel, innovative materials and a contemporary design to create a wood stove that maintains the classic essence of a traditional fire pit. The large window, which allows you to see the flames, uses heat-resistant tempered glass, made in Japan with high transparency.

Pablo | 2019

Japanese minimalism and efficiency come together in Pablo, a collection of «car stoppers» designed as a set of bars anchored to the ground that mark the end of each parking space, making it easier to park. By marking off the space, vehicles are protected from potential collisions. The novelty of the product comes from its design and its ability to be customized.

NeconoMa | 2019

The importance of domestic cats in Japanese culture is the basis of NeconoMa. A feline home integrated into the family’s home that allows all inhabitants of the house to share time and space. Its wide range of textures and materials are especially suitable to be used by felines and allows it to be integrated into any environment. The structure takes advantage of the height of the walls, anchoring to them in an organic way and favoring the dynamic play and physical activity of pets.