HipChair: A’ Design Awards

Our HipChair has been awarded with one of the prestigious A’ Design Award, in recognition of its design quality and innovative approach.

This award, that HipChair has received in the Gold category, uses rigorous evaluative criteria and is grated by a jury composed of academics, professionals and Enterprise members, amongst others.

Receiving this award is very gratifying because it adds to the already extensive international recognition that the studio has received. It also proves that we are on the right path, in line with international design’s most demanding requisites.

HipChair, designed for Sunon, redefines office work according to movement. It is designed so that the back of the chair adapts to the movement of the hips, thanks to having a structure that accommodates the body’s movement.

It has a structure where the hips regulate the movement of the chair. Its innovative synchronized system helps control the movement of the chair through simple hip movements that are detected at the back of the chair, which enables the user to move naturally.

 This chair that has top quality features and it has been created to favour both intensive work at separate desks – Focus Work- and also more dynamic, adaptable work where there is freedom of movement and flexibility -Dynamic Work-.

Being simple and sophisticated, HipChair has all the features of a high-end office chair created to become an essential tool in work areas, thanks to its comfort, ergonomics and design.

A rotation axis is built into the arms of the chair so that it rotates from one side to another according to the task being carried out. Apart from the movement synchronization mechanism, it also has a lumbar adjustment system and an adjustable system for the headrest.