“FSWD Identity and Territory”, a window into Spanish design for a global world

Designers shape the world, but they must do so with the aim of improving people’s well-being. In this new era, designers must take on challenges in an increasingly responsible, inclusive and sustainable manner. Furthermore, they must have a global outlook.

From Spain With Design (FSWD), a project led by READ, the Spanish Network of Design Associations, was conceived as a collaborative tool that showcases Spanish design beyond our borders, with a view to raising awareness of Spanish designers whose work has knocked on the door of markets around the world.

This initiative, with which Alegre Design has been working from the beginning, has now been turned into a design exhibition that will be on display at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea in Santiago de Compostela until 23rd January under the title “FSWD Identity and Territory”.

According to the organisation, all of the pieces selected for the exhibition “Stand out for their quality, for their impact on the national and international market, for being a model of the synergy between designer and company, for giving coherent answers and building value”.

Innovation, adding value to companies and boosting people’s well-being has been Alegre Design’s guiding principle for more than twenty years.

For this reason, two of our creations have been included in this exhibition. Eyesynth and Eurus.