From Spain With Design chooses Alegre Design

The aim of From Spain With Design is to create a global showcase for Spanish design. It is a cross-disciplinary project coordinated by READ, the Spanish Network of Design Associations, which will combine various communications channels in order to present to the world the innovativeness and competitiveness of the Spanish design sector.

It is an honor for all of us at Alegre Design that our design studio has been selected, along with other professionals, to represent a sector which is crucial to the economy and companies from different regions.

A digital platform, an interactive documentary and a fluid exhibition are some of the tools that will be used to shed light on the work we are carrying out in various markets.

At Alegre Design, we have always believed that the best companies from each sector are located where they were created: Italy, Japan, the United States, France, etc. For this reason, we have been working with clients from all over the world for over a decade, collaborating with them in the definition and development of products with an international dimension and reach. What’s more, we use a working methodology that is accessible and applicable in any environment, regardless of the country or sector.

These products add value to the companies and their customers but, more importantly, they must seek to improve people’s well-being in their daily lives, whatever their location.

This awareness, this ability to identify needs regardless of what market we are dealing with, is the fruit of our labor for the past 20 years.

To share the result of all our analysis, research, design and engineering work, we have contributed several of our projects to this digital platform, which is still in the configuration phase: Eyesynth, the first glasses that use an algorithm to convert visual and spatial information into sounds that can help guide the blind; KLC Edu, an advanced chair for educational spaces, which prioritizes ergonomics and comfort; Eurus, a workstation for dental professionals based on the principle of ‘fusion shape’; and Noom, a collection of chairs, stools and armchairs that combine tailoring and 3D technology in their design.

Our Agile Design approach, which promotes creativity and combines streamlined project management methodologies and design thinking, our more than 20 years’ experience in global projects, and data management and automation, will also be part of this platform. It is an approach that also manages to break new ground, to find solutions to needs, and to provide value and innovation to people and companies globally.