Eyesynth is part of the «Valencia Pavilion. The Future is Design»

Eyesynth, designed by Alegre Design, is a pioneering project from the point of view of design and technology. They are the first glasses that allow the blind and people with low visual acuity to «feel space» through sounds.

This technical and design innovation will be highlighted this month at the Madrid Design Festival within the framework of the «Valencia Pavilion. The Future is Design» exhibition, with which World Design Capital Valencia 2022 will show the public the excellence of Spanish design tied to industry and crafts.

Specifically, Eyesynth uses 3D cameras and a software algorithm to transform spaces and objects into abstract sound that is transmitted through cochlear headphones – through the bones of the skull – to the inner ear. The inner ear is then capable of encoding it to find out information about the size, shape and position of objects at a short and medium distance (up to 6 meters).

At Alegre Design, we have been in charge of designing the exterior of the glasses, integrating the technological device and the auxiliary device that serves as a data processor for the entire system. The glasses have been developed by a company from Castellón and, as for the materials used, they are a combination of injected plastic, acetate and machined aluminum, which gives the electronic device stability.

Our participation with Eyesynth in “Valencia Pavilion. The Future is Design” represents a new collaboration between Alegre Design and World Design Capital Valencia 2022, an initiative we have been collaborating with since its very beginnings and which we back as Creative Supporters.

The exhibition, designed by MUT Design and curated by Estudio Savage, is a combination of consolidated companies in fields such as innovation and design, prestigious designers and new talent, with up to 50 projects in total. 

“Valencia Pavilion. The Future is Design” can be visited from February 9 to March 14, at the Teatro Fernán Gómez cultural center, and has been set up as a large installation with physical pieces, digital content and audiovisual material.