Ergonomics, the hallmark of design

Alegre Design’s almost fifteen years of experience have run parallel to the design of furniture for the workspace and the home. Over that time, we have incorporated the latest technological and innovative advances related to the furniture sector, applying them to our wide range of office chairs, including eFit, TNK Flex, TNK A500, TNK and Cron.

For many years, ergonomics, that is, the study of the conditions for the adaptation of each piece to the physical and psychological characteristics of its user, has become an inseparable element of industrial design, especially in the case of furniture. Applying ergonomic standards guarantees correct posture, greater comfort and, ultimately, well-being. It also prevents distractions derived from bad posture, discomfort, and even pain associated with bad posture, resulting in injuries and sick leave.

Alegre-Design-Ergonomia 2

At Alegre Design we are aware of the importance and influence of this issue in all workspaces, especially in offices. To tackle the design of a chair, according to Andres Baldoví, «furniture in current workspaces requires a constant evolution, as high a level of innovation for the design, development and manufacturing as for a Tablet, a laptop or a mobile application».

Ergonomics is based on scientific studies and industrial design standards. Which is why its application in the creation of workspaces leads to «furniture that adds and does not take away» and that contributes to the «health, effectiveness and quality of work performed by the user,» he said.


The materials are also a crucial element in the manufacture of that furniture. In fact, according to Baldoví, the materials must «meet the consumers’ new demands», including requirements related to sustainability and recycling.

«The user demands a return from the furniture in terms of feelings and emotions and much of that is achieved with the correct choice of materials and finishes,» explains Baldoví.


This is particularly relevant in the case of office chairs, a chair in which the user performs their work for hours every day, and which, at Alegre Design, we conceive as just another tool to ensure that the work is productive and contributes to the user’s physical and emotional well-being.

Making the furniture truly ergonomic requires knowledge, experience and constant updating. Rigorous studies of user habits should be taken into account in the design phase and subsequent testing should be performed with all prototypes. «This is the only way to guarantee the quality of the furniture and the end user’s well-being», said Baldoví.


Thanks to this thorough, precise and conscientious way of working, we have received numerous national and international industrial design awards. The latest, the nomination for the German Design Awards for our TNK Flex chair, and we will have to wait until October to find out if we have won. Wish us luck!