eFit and TNK Flex premiere in NeoCon

We are back from NeoCon, really happy with the attention our latest office chair designs for Actiu have caught.

On June 13-15, NeoCon trade show was held in Chicago and simultaneously, Actiu held an exhibition at the Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile Hotel hosted, where the first models of eFit -our latest design for the Alicante-based company- have been showcased.

eFit is the newest office chair manufactured by Actiu inspired in the independence and adaptability of the younger generations who, with their innovative character, are changing the work environment concept. It has been very well received especially for its young and bionic design, and for its special attention to ergonomics.

2016_PLT_Web_Efit_Neocon_Actiu_02 2016_PLT_Web_Efit_Neocon_Actiu_04

NeoCon has also been the platform where our TNK Flex chair has been introduced to the American market. TNK Flex is already a quality benchmark for the office chair sector for its ability to intuitively anticipate the needs and movements of the user by adjusting the seat and backrest.

TNK Flex has brought about a technical and technological revolution for Actiu’s office chair range, thanks to its suspended seat that provides this zero-gravity feeling by means of air chambers and which adapts its shape to each and every user, favoring ergonomics and well-being.

Look here their new video: