Dida wins an European Product Design Award

The studio’s second European Product Design Award.

Our Dida chair by Federico Giner, designed and developed to meet the new needs of the education industry, has won a European Product Design Award, one of the world’s most prestigious international awards, which highlights the importance of European industrial design. Link Here.

This is the second time an Alegre Design product has won this award, following the European Product Design Award won by Actiu’s Noom collection in 2019.

The European Product Design Award won by Dida is yet another on the list of awards that our studio has won, examples being the German Design Award for the Trim and TNK Flex office chairs, the FX International Interior Design Award for the Talent height-adjustable table, the Good Design Award and A Design Award (Gold) for the Hip Chair and the Red Dot Design Awards for TNK A500 and Plek, which also won a Delta Award.