Dida wins a special mention at the German Design Awards

Our Dida chair by Federico Giner has won yet another accolade for its design, which was conceived and developed to meet the needs of the new education, focused on dynamism, collaboration and comfort.

After receiving a European Product Design Award a few months ago, Dida has now been recognized with a Special Mention by the German Design Awards in the Excellent Product Design category.

The chair is also still eligible for the People Choice Award here.

Dida is the latest step in the collaboration between Alegre Design and the manufacturer of school furniture, Federico Giner, and it is focused on mobility, hygiene, and well-being. It is a cross-disciplinary product for educational environments that ensures correct posture at every moment and streamlines learning and active learning methodologies of the present and of the future.

We are extremely pleased with the final product, its qualities and performance. And, by the fact that, prestigious and international awards are highlighting the excellence and quality of its design, engineering, and manufacture. Plastic injection technology was applied to create a simple, easy to produce product that, at the same time, had high mechanical resistance and favored a comfortable sitting position.

The Special Mention by the German Design Awards won by Dida is yet another on the list of awards that our studio has won in the last two decades, examples being the German Design Award for the Trim and TNK Flex office chairs, the FX International Interior Design Award for the Talent height-adjustable table, the Good Design Award and A Design Award (Gold) for the Hip Chair and the Red Dot Design Awards for TNK A500 and Plek, which also won a Delta Award.