Design and sustainability set up home

Design is constantly evolving. Materials and technologies are created and transformed to respond to new needs and uses, to facilitate processes and simplify people’s lives.

Ambiente show in Frankfurt is a leading international event where new items are presented for the home – a home in which design and sustainability have found a permanent niche. At Alegre Design we are constantly researching the international market to discover new innovations, but also to envisage and design the things people will need in the future.

This integrated work of research and design is behind our office chair, Trim, recipient of one German Design Award, which the attendees of Ambiente have been able to see in person. It was one of the products selected by the organizers of these awards to be exhibited in Frankfurt.

Trim shares the principles of design, sustainability and caring for people which have been prominent among the trends seen at the show.

The home has thus become a friendly space, where the emphasis is on biodegradable materials and a healthy lifestyle. From small domestic appliances that sterilize kitchen utensils to equipment that helps to prepare meals in a healthier manner, design has grown more refined with regard to materials and has become more subtle and elegant in its aesthetics.

Design incorporates smart technology in all the ambiences of the home. A technology intended for users, to improve and facilitate their lives and create a more inhabitable and efficient home.