Design and education in Colombia

Design and education: the experience of Alegre Design in creating products for the education sector in Colombia

The design of furniture for educational spaces says a great deal about the way lessons are taught in the classroom. Depending on the functionalities of these products, classes can be more varied, flexible and open than those given in other rooms with classic furniture. Therefore, a contemplation of the design of these products leads to an in-depth reflection on the type of education we wish to provide.

Marcelo Alegre spoke about all of this on 29 October at a conference in Colombia, organised by the SENA, the Colombian National Training Service, on innovation and education. His presentation included a detailed explanation of the collaboration between Alegre Design and the manufacturing firm Kassani in the design and manufacture of a specific chair for the Colombian education sector.

Wellbeing, mutual respect and tollerance, new technologies and new training methods formed the foundation for the project from the outset. The association of these new uses with a design aimed at international markets, together with innovation in the materials used, provided the key to the development of a chair with a global vocation.

In this process, at Alegre Design we followed the methodology provided by the National Training Service (SENA) of Colombia, carrying out extensive anthropometrical research and a study of new educational spaces.

These tools enabled us to create some models of chairs that represent an innovation from the point of view of the industrial process and which contribute to improving educational environments. With the support of Sena, Kassani and Alegre Design are working together to create a product designed for people, which enhances the comfort and functionality of educational spaces, and which heralds a new global and forward-looking line of work.